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Medical Alert Systems


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Life-saving medical alert systems

If you or a loved one live alone and worry about the probability of an illness or an injury occurring when no one is there to help, our new medical alert system is perfect for you. Griffin Communications & Security Systems, Inc. employs Griffin Emergency Medical Systems (GEMS) to give customers the help they need at a touch of a button.

Many different button styles are available, including necklaces, watch bands, and belt clips. Once you press the alert button, the control unit located in your home will contact an EMT immediately and get them on the line to speak to you.

The simple medical alert process:

  • Press the button, which will contact the EMT whom you can speak to through the two-way voice control

  • Explain your situation to the EMT

  • An ambulance, as well as the people on your emergency contact list, will be notified

  • Cell technology or GPS tracking available

  • Perfect for the elderly, people with medical conditions, those who have difficulty walking, or anyone who is concerned about needing fast help during an emergency


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